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Patricia Martinez

Patricia Martinez

Patricia Martinez has a degree in biology and is a Nutritional Therapist certified by the Health Sciences Academy. She was interested in learning about how our body is impacted by what we eat and drink since school and later decided to turn this interest into a career, which eventually led her to work as a nutritionist in a clinic in her hometown for eight years.

In 2014, after consulting hundreds of people and helping them to learn about nutrition basics, Patricia decided to turn her life passion into a business idea. She left her job at the clinic and took the nutritionist courses to arm herself with the latest research and data.

The desire to help more people find out the cure for their health problems was the main reason for creating this website. Patricia uses her years of experience in complementary and alternative medicine to explain complex physiologic processes in simple words. Her keen eye and great scientific background allow her to pick the best supplements and vitamins for the demands of different people.


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